Contact Teresa’s Deli

Teresa’s Italian Deli has two convenient locations in Erie, PA.  To help us avoid duplicating orders please note that we are NOT affiliated with Teresa’s Deli-Lakeshore.


 3201 Greengarden Blvd.
Phone: 864-5322
Fax:  864-5005

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Saturday  9 am-6pm
Sunday  9 am-2pm

[DIRECTIONS] [email teresa’s west]


810 East 38th Street
Phone:  459-1145
Fax:  480-8286

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Saturday  9 am-8pm
Sunday  10 am-6pm

[DIRECTIONS] [email teresa’s east]

We are currently not accepting orders over email.  Please contact us at one of our locations to place an order or for any additional information.  Thank you!

Teresa’s Italian Deli, Inc.  Serving Erie since 1949.