We take pride in helping local organizations raise funds.  Over the years we have helped numerous organizations raise thousands of dollars for their respective groups.  Churches, youth groups, sports teams, schools, and scout packs are just a sample size of the groups that have benefited from our fundraising programs.  Contact our Fundraising Manager Matthew Bengel at 459-1145 for more information.

There are a variety of different formats to choose from:

Coupons are the most popular form of fundraising and offer the most versatility.  Coupons are sold by your group and entitle the buyer to a variety of 9 different regular sized subs.  A regular sub is roughly 9 to 10 inches.  Coupons are redeemable at both Teresa’s locations and give the buyer the option to use it at their own convenience.
Your cost is $3.25

Pretzel Sales
Choices:  Ham & Cheese, Turkey & Cheese

Each Pretzel Sandwich comes with meat, cheese and a mustard packet
Your cost is $1.75. 

Sub Sales
Choices:  Combo, RB, Ham & Cheese, Turkey, or Tuna on a 9”-10” Sub Roll

This fundraiser is a better choice for those organizations that may be selling to people who do not live in close proximity to either deli location to redeem coupons.  Many educational institutions outside of the Erie and Millcreek School Districts use this option.

Condiments come either on the side or wrapped with each individual sub.
Lettuce and Tomato are optional.
Your cost is $3.25 

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