Catering For First Holy Communions

They say with age comes wisdom.  Remember the last time you were at the grocery store accompanied by your shirt tugging 7 year old,  leg hugging 3 year old, and infant baby in your arms.  The blend of all of the crying, yelling, and fussing combine into a melodic buzz that only you, as a mother, can train your ears to hear without listening.  You have developed the skill to rattle off mindless commands like a maching gun without even having to think.  “Timmy, don’t touch that.”  “Sara put that back.”  You slip for a minute and succomb to reason.  “Love those?  You’ve never even had them bef….”  Then you catch yourself.  “OK honey, we’ll get those next time.”  In the midst of the controlled chaos an elderly woman then approaches seemingly out of nowhere and says, “They grow up so fast don’t they?”  You initially think to yourself, “Lady, at this point I’ll be GLAD if that’s true!”  After the commotion subsides though the truth of that statement rings true and you realize that special occasions in life are fleeting moments that do come and go way too fast.  Don’t fret though we’re here to help!  Do a little less stressing and a little more partying.  Let our family take care of yours.  If you don’t want to deal with all of the grocery shopping, cooking, and dishwashing that accompanies preparing food for your guests give us a call.  It’s homemade, inexpensive, and most importantly stress free so you can have one less thing to worry about.  Call Matthew at our East Side (459-1145) or Nicole at our West Side (864-5322) if you have any questions about our services.

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